Services / Systems

Home Automation

All of our home and business automation systems are designed to fit your needs. We don't believe in a one size fits all solution. Every system is designed to meet or exceed your expectations while respecting your budget.

The systems provide control over the subsystems in your home. Heating and air conditioning, alarm system, lights, pool and spa, fireplaces, motorized window treatments, and more. All of this control can be available to your smartphone, tablet or dedicated system touchscreen device. The best part is that it all happens in one app, no need to switch from app to app.

Whole House Audio

Music thourghtout the home isn't a new idea. However, today there are more ways to accomplish it than ever. We design systems for the casual listener and the most demanding audiophiles.

We also can make the newest audio formats available to your system. The invention of the MP3 file has forever changed the way we consume music. We provide solutions for MP3 libraries, streaming services, and even traditional CD or LP systems. We wrap all of this up into one nice package that you will be able to easily use.

Lighting Control

Lighting control systems are the most loved systems for anyone that has one. Lights are programmed to follow an astronomical clock. Never again will you have to go to the side of the house and adjust the landscape lights, they will automatically adjust to sunset and daylights savings.

In new construction, lighting control systems can have a huge impact on the look of your home. Rather than multiple rocker switches, you'll only see one elegant keypad. All keypads get custom labeling so anyone can understand what the button does.

Lighing scenes are the most power feature of all. A single button press can affect every light on the property. Common scenes are All Off, All On, Goodnight and Entertain. Imagination is the limiting factor for scenes.

Shade Control

Motorized window treatments are a must have in an automated home. We offer wired solutions for new construction and wireless solutions for retrofit applications. The window treatments can be controlled by your automation system interfaces or by a predetermined schedule. Let some sunlight in with the press of a button!

Home Theater

Bring the enjoyment of the movie theater into your home. Of course, without the long lines, sticky seats and other peoples cell phones. 

Home theaters will provide you years of entertainment. The perfect place to watch movies, sports, instructional material and play video games. 

We will design a theater or media room to suit your needs and budget. It will be easy to use, look fantastic and sound incredible!

Media Rooms

Media rooms take on many shapes and sizes. Our customers get the satisfaction of knowing we will design a solution based on their requests. There many decisions to make from TV size to speaker configuration and we are here to help you through that process. Whether it is a full blown surround sound system or a soundbar tucked below the TV we have a solution for you.


Modern intercom solutions have improved the way you communicate in your home. Now you can broadcast to all rooms, just speak to one room, have a video intercom and more. The equipment is typically dual use, as the intercom is a feature on a touch panel that controls the rest of your system. 

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring encompasses the communication infrastructure in your home. You can think of it as the pipes for telephone, internet, and TV distribution.  We take the time to carefully review your floor plan with you so that nothing is missed. Then we use industry best practices to terminate and activate the cable for use. We also offer future looking options such as Cat 6 cable and fiber optic cable.

CCTV/IP Cameras

Surveillance cameras enable home and business owners to check in on their property, family, or employees at any time. They also will record footage that can be reviewed at a later time. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a camera for a specific location. How far away is the subject? What is the lighting like? What camera form factor is most appropriate? What technology will do the best job? We answer these questions for people everyday.

We now offer IP and HD-TVI technologies so every installation is Hi-Def. 

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make your home safer and more attractive. Where we can help is by automating the lighting schedule. We can eliminate mechanical timers that are only right once a year. Instead, you'll have a flawless predictable schedule that tracks sunset and sunrise without user interaction.

Outdoor Living

We offer permanently installed outdoor audio video systems. This is a great addition to your backyard, pool or spa. The TV's are waterproof and high quality. The level of outdoor audio quality that is achievable is staggering.

Building Automation

Building automation control systems are uniquely designed to integrate all building technologies so they work together as a single system, rather than as many separate systems. With the ability to integrate BACnet®/IP systems, enabling seamless integration with existing building management systems is right at your fingertips with our solutions.


Make your meetings and presntations pop with one of our conference room systems. We can make it easy for you to share content from virtually any electronic device including phones, tablets, Mac's and PC's. 


Modern security systems have changed the way security is used. When using one of our systems you will have full control of arming, disarming and sensor status from anyway by the intuitive smart phone app. 

The security system can also serve as an entry level home automation system by adding lights, thermostats and more to the easy to use platform.


Restaurants & Bars

Keep your customers engaged! That is the name of the game. HD displays, HD projectors and great sounding music is the way to compete. Our Bar and Tavern systems are designed with reliable components that provide a great experience for your customers, maximum uptime, and ease of use for your staff. 

We also have a dedicated 3 man service team to respond quickly to the inevitable broken component. We know how important it is for you to keep the system operating correctly and that is how we treat it. It is as important to us as it is to you.

Digital Signage

Take advantage of the modern billboard. Digital signage makes advertising in your store easier than ever. Your content can easily be scheduled to change throughout the day, week, or month. Drive customers into your store by advertising your sales and specials in a dynamic way.

If you have a point of sale restaurant, digital signage systems make the best menus. It is easy to reflect pricing changes and specials. The menu can change throughout the day to reflect what is available at that time.

If you own multiple locations, the content can be updated simultaneously from the home office, without stepping foot on the property.