Design & Documentation

In order to deliver reliable and functional systems we provide design and documentation services. Documentation helps eliminate errors, speeds installation and organizes the job.

At the completetion of the project the documents are turned over to the owner. This gives the owner the power understand how the system works.

There are many facets to a integration system. Many of these are invisible to the owner, but each piece is critical to the quality of the system.

Project Management

Project Management is a critical but often overlooked service when selecting a company to work with. Not so at our company. Every installation is assigned a project manager. Our project managers supervise the installation, schedule the job, communicate with other trades, and solve problems in real time.  They take responsibility for the final result and do so with the utmost attention to detail.


Programming is the art of this industry and we hire the best artists. The user interface is the bridge between the end user and the technology. We strive to make these interfaces consistent, attractive, and simple to use. We want every customer to be comfortable using the systems we provide.

Customer Support

This is an area of business that most companies completely ignore. We have a 3 person dedicated service team. These are experienced technicians with broad systems knowledge. It is our goal to respond to all service requests within 48 hours. We believe in long term relationships with our customers and strive to provide exceptional ongoing service.